« I am driven by emotions. My art emerges from the urge of expressing a certain feeling and translating it on the canvas, thus letting the creation process take over and lead to the final result. » 


I have always been painting, for as long as I can remember.

As a teenager, I started working with different techniques and materials, different styles, so the paintings mostly looked very "experimental". It took a while to find out where I was "at home", technically-speaking. My painting style changed with the time, the artworks became more and more elaborate, the creative process more grounded.


I am a spontaneous painter and always need music in the creative process. My artworks express feelings, moods, inner pictures and nature impressions - therefore, the outcome is always different. Some paintings are light and airy, others are witnessing a dark mood or are bright and colorful like a summer day. Each work tells an own story, it holds a part of myself. I am always searching for a certain balance, both in color and composition and I am also seeing the process as a kind of meditative state. My works should be emotional triggers for the viewer. The airy, minimal pastel works are as much a reflection of myself as the dynamic, powerful compositions - like two poles complementing each other. There is no sketching before starting a new piece of art, but mostly a vague idea with regard to color palette and composition. This idea expands during the process, giving space to spontaneity. The process gets a self-dynamic. My work has been strongly influenced by Abstract Expressionism and Minimalism.