« I am driven by emotions. My art emerges from the urge of expressing a certain feeling and translating it on the canvas, thus letting the creation process take over and lead to the final result. »


Andreea Zecheru

Visual Artist


I have always been painting, for as long as I can remember. As a child, I loved mixing colours and drawing landscapes. 

Later, as a teenie, I started experimenting with different techniques and materials, different styles, so the paintings looked very "experimental". Then, a non-creative phase followed until I was about twenty. One day, I walked into an artist's supplies store and bought me a beautiful new brush. So I started again...


It took a while to find out where I was "at home", technically-speaking. My style changed with the time, the artworks became more and more abstract and the creative process more complicated. I am seldom 100% happy with the final result. Sometimes, I have to start all over again, because I have another "vision" and need to change the painting accordingly.


Also, I am a spontaneous painter and always need music in the creative process. My artworks express feelings, moods, inner pictures and nature impressions - even a simple walk through the city and observing people can be inspiring - therefore, the final result is always different. Some paintings are light and airy, others are witnessing a dark mood or are bright and colourful like a summer day. When I start painting, the artwork gets a self-dynamic, a "life" of itself. Music is playing and I keep painting. In the end, I sometimes wonder how a certain artwork came to life, it's quite magical. 


I love painting mostly large, acrylic abstract paintings on canvas and I seldom use brushes. Instead, I am using my hands, palette knives or the paint is just being dripped directly on the canvas. My work has been influenced by the abstract expressionists, especially by Jackson Pollock and his action painting style. 


In November 2019 I have founded Z Contemporary, an art gallery in Hamburg, Germany. For more information about the gallery, please visit




Thank you for stopping by, hope you enjoy my work!